The Reddit Invasion

Brenden Infographics

One of my favorite infographics, I created this one to connect with a well established startup, and generate some more press. I wrote research and wrote all the content, and the design was done by an outside designer. Featured on: The Next Web SocialTimes Geekosystem

BrendenThe Reddit Invasion

The Rise of the Slacktavist

Brenden Infographics

An infographic that followed up on the Kony 2012 movement. I wrote the content and worked with a designer on the final product. Featured on: Forbes Mashable USAToday

BrendenThe Rise of the Slacktavist

The Hairy Truth About The Moustache

Brenden Infographics

An evergreen infographic designed to connect with Movember. This infographic was published in 2011, but still gets republished by multiple media outlets every November. This infographic was published by: The Next Web Heavy

BrendenThe Hairy Truth About The Moustache
Mobile-Gaming-by-numbers snip

Mobile Gaming by the Numbers

Brenden Infographics

I produced this infographic for Geekaphone a website operated by Sortable. It was featured on: PC Magazine Geekosystem Bit Rebels How-To Geek

BrendenMobile Gaming by the Numbers
LRT-for-Dummies Snip

Light Rail Transit for Dummies

Brenden Infographics

Waterloo Region was looking at developing a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system. I produced and infographic evaluation the different options for the region. The goal was to help convince the public that the LRT was the best option for the region and to build awareness of Snapsort (Sortable) in the local community. This infographic was featured: The Atlantic Clean Technica …

BrendenLight Rail Transit for Dummies
How-GREEN-is-iPhone snip

How Green is the iPhone

Brenden Infographics

An infographic I created for Geekaphone, a brand managed by Sortable. I did the research, writing and worked with a designer to put it together. It was featured on: TreeHugger The Next Web TheAlantic Gigaom Cult of Mac Gottabemobile Ubergizmo Business Insider

BrendenHow Green is the iPhone
How Green iPad snip

How Green is the iPad

Brenden Infographics

Following up on our popular “How Green is the iPhone” infographic. Featured on: Mashable TrendHunter Macgasma

BrendenHow Green is the iPad

Everything you need to know about CES

Brenden Infographics

I put together an infographic about the Consumer Electronics Show. This infographic was published a few weeks before we launched Sortable in order to build some buzz and SEO benefit before launch. This infographic was featured on: Mashable HuffingtonPost Geekosystem

BrendenEverything you need to know about CES